Buy cheap spy cctv cameras from our stores nationwide. We have PEN Spy cameras, Spy glasses, spy mini cameras that can be hidden at home.

For residential and home uses we install professional CCTV cameras ranging from 4CH to 32CH CCTV cameras anywhere in Nigeria. You can monitor live feed from camera with power backup options. Having a reliable cctv camera supplier in Nigeria provides you with the best in class solution to help you secure your environment. Our cctv cameras offer the best perimeter protection for all your properties and provides real evidence as to HOW, WHEN and WHY an incidence happened.

A lot of cases have gone unsolved in the old Nigeria, with modern technology and advances in CMOS Cameras even having real-time crystal clear night vision imaging can now be achieved. We support various camera brands from SONY Cameras, HIK Vision Cameras, Dahua Cameras.

Wehether you wish to go for a DVR or an NVR? The choice depends on your project and the features you wish to achieve, with NVR (Network Video Recorders) you have the option to even remotely monitor real-time video from far away home, You can monitor your Lagos property right from Atlanta. DVR in the other hand is cost effective and provides in-house monitoring capabilities thus setting up a control room is vital to ensure 24 hours surveillance

Benefits of having CCTV cameras installed in your home.

  • Theft Prevention, Just alone seeing the Marking CCTV in Operation can scare away criminals
  • Evidence base proof
  • 24/7 surveillance security better than human security watch.
  • Ability to play back events that happened in the past for forensic.

Do you have a CCTV Camera project? We are always available to consult with you regarding your project. Our CCTV camera systems comes with 2 years warranty on all camera units except cables and accessories, We use industry standard manufacturers like SONY Cameras, HIK Vision systems, Dahua Cameras all these top brands are trusted by large corporations due to their high reliablity and low failure rate.

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For Residential and Commercial CCTV Installations

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