How does Diesel Fuel Tank Monitoring system works in Nigeria

Understanding the over-all flow and principle of how diesel tank fuel monitoring system works is very vital which equips you as the user a very solid information and understanding as to which product or fuel monitoring solution you should be looking out for and while you should make proper choices regardless of different price margins in the market.

While a first timer experience will bump into Google surfing for Cheap Fuel level sensor in Nigeria, This provides the user with wide array of information which does not descriptively explains the solution but just sells some sort of product without solid knowledge of how it works, weeks later the user finds it difficult to make maximium use of the product or even achieve a reliable solution. Fuel monitoring solution does not come at a penny, it is a worthy investment that recovers your geniune investment over time. With the increasing prices of Diesel stocks, business operating in Nigeria that does not implement strigent measures to protect their diesel usage and prevent theft on the long-term will run into huge losses into millions of Naira per month which would have been used to procure a reliable fuel monitoring solution and save cost for the whole year.

Our diesel Fuel monitoring solution provides you with remote monitoring cloude software which gives you the full detailed reports of Fuel Filling Report, Fuel Theft Report and Consolidated Trip Report with fuel consumed.

Fuel Graph Report Shows graph of fuel usage, this at a glance shows if there was fuel theft or fuel filling. Report Shows Tabulated Fuel Filling Report.

Increase your ROI by 150%, Save all losses incured due to fuel theft in your business, Contact GPSFleet Tracking Services to design and equip your tanks, silos, trucks will reliable fuel tank level sensors that can monitor the level of fuel in your tanks.

Here at GPSFleet Tracking Services, we are committed to providing our customers indepth understanding and knowledge of all it takes to achieve their tailored objectives, Right from monitoring just the movement of vehicles and checking history of movement to solving fuel monitoring challenges and vehicle idling thus saving cost and improving efficiency

Track your truck location 🚚 and its fuel usage ⛽ remotely without making any calls! Measure your fuel consumption levels at every hour and every stop! Real-Time monitoring of your fuel levels at your fingertips 📲!

GPSFleet Tracking Services offers Complete Fuel Solution Challenge with a guaranteed reduction in fuel consumption

There are several benefits of installing a diesel fuel tank monitoring system.

  • Increase ROI within 3 Months
  • Reduce Overhead cost of manual log recording and calls.
  • Improve fuel management and planning.
  • Stopage of fuel theft by drivers.

Diesel Tank fuel monitoring system comprises of a reliable GPS Tracking device that supports analog input of 0-5v or digital input signals of RS232 or RS485 signals. When a GPS device is capable of supporting a fuel level sensing device it enables the GPS device to send the real-time fuel level in the tank alongside the GPS location coordinate of the same vehicle. While we prefer digital input signals over the analog signals is due to electrical signal noise that interferes with most analog input signals thus providing unstable readings on certain occassions, whereas digital signals are capable of eliminating such electrical signal noise with better filter algorithm to provide a very smooth reading and accurate values of fuel level in tank. Most at times Diesel fuel tank monitoring system can come pricey due to the fact that the hardware used to perform these setup are high end devices with better performance than regular GPS tracking device, long term benefit of fuel tank monitoring cannot be over-emphazized.

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ReliableDiesel Fuel Tank Monitoring Solution in Nigeria

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